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In-Home Caregivers of Illinois

Available 24/7
Phone: (630) 300-0446


How we are unique


At In-Home Caregivers of Illinois, we are a Nurse Practitioner managed home care agency in Illinois. Therefore, the care plan is designed by an experienced nurse.

Our clients are not required to commit to any minimum number of hours; with us, you only pay for the level of care and the number of hours you need.

We offer professionally coordinated 24-hour supportive live-in care around the clock.

In-Home Caregivers of Illinois Serves

Every day, every hour, all year long . . . .

We provide and support families in the greatest act of love that we call caregiving.

We serve the following five groups of people. 

We serve older adults who want supportive living services DELIVERED in the place they know by heart . . . . their home, so they can continue to live at home for as long as possible.

We serve the adult children (some in the sandwich generation) of the older adults who needs help with managing the stress that comes with caring for their aging parents.

We serve the social workers, case managers and discharge planners in offering options and solutions for their patients. We will go to the care settings 7 days a week to meet and design care options.

We serve long distance family caregivers with nurse navigators, care management and care coordination services .

We serve the public by offering  free caregiving and learning resources portal to make the complex and fragmented information simplified and useful with practical solutions that can be applied to their specific problem.

About Us – In-Home Caregivers of Illinois

We are a Nurse Practitioner owned home care agency in Illinois which is what sets us apart. Our clients get superior oversight because we know that homemaking and personal care services are only a small part of senior care. We understand that the older adult desires to live independently in their own home for as long as possible. Many adult family caregivers want peace of mind knowing that their aging loved one is thriving in their home. We also understand that older adults are often faced with new or worsening health conditions or frequent falls, which is how they end up in a nursing home. Our holistic approach involves helping our clients identify their high-risk conditions and helping them manage those symptoms to have a better quality of life in the comfort of their homes. 

Our services and care program are therefore designed to meet these needs. We offer three unique services,: caregiving services, post-hospital and post-rehab care and Assisted Living At-Home.

We do not compete with other home care agencies in Illinois; we maintain a class of our own. We are available 24 hours, seven days a week, all year long. We can start services within reasonable time, there are no minimum hours, and an experience health care provider uniquely designs the care program, and you choose your hours and pay schedule. Our caregivers receive general training and client-specific training. They undergo 6-point background checks, drug screens, and ethics training. We are fully licensed,  insured and bonded.

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Browse our services below:

  • Chronic Symptom Management
  • Care Management and Nurse Navigation
  • Post Hospital & Post Rehab Care
  • Assisted Living At Home
Chronic Symptom Management

Most seniors who go into a hospital will return after a few days or weeks.

The average senior has multiple chronic conditions that causes frequent trips to the emergency room.

This service is designed to reduce frequent trips to acute care or urgent care centers. It will help you manage your symptoms better so that you can feel alive and well.

We have specialized care systems for CHF, COPD, Dementia, Stroke, Kidney disease, and support with hospice care.

Post Hospital & Post Rehab Care

Hospitals are turning into a giant ICU, so patients admitted are much sicker today than ten or fifteen years ago. 

The problem: Every day an older adult is in a hospital, he/she loses 3 – 5 (possibly more for people with movement disorders) days of their pre-hospital level of body functioning.

After only a few days in the hospital, your loved one may not be able to walk or to take care of his/her personal care needs. In addition, some may begin to show symptoms of confusion after a hospital stay. Statistics have shown that 85% of the people who go into the rehab facility never return to their homes. They get transferred into a long-term care facility because they need more care than their family caregivers can provide. What if you are not prepared for that, or your loved one does not want to move into a facility but needs a lot of care after a hospital stay? What if your loved one wants to stay home to age in place? 

The SOLUTION: We created our post-rehab and post-hospital care program. A nurse practitioner designs this service, and the care is performed by our Life Enhancement Caregivers. This professionally coordinated care allows the seniors to recover in the comfort of their homes and offers their adult caregivers the peace of mind they deserve.

Care Management and Nurse Navigation

Level of care assessments

Care planning services

Care and or case management

Resource and referral development

Home safety evaluations

Monitoring and oversight of care

Care facility review

Coordination of services and service providers

Assistance with the organization of relocating a loved one, setup of housekeeping or transportation services 

Assisted Living At Home

We offer a unique service called Assisted Living At Home.. It is our professionally coordinated around the clock home care best for those who are returning home from the hospital or rehab facility or those who need 24 hour companionship services are provided by home health aides, life enhancement caregivers, and nurse care coordinators 24 hours a day, seven days a week

Personal Care

Medication reminder

Home Making


Meal Preparation

Restorative and Functional Fitness Exercises

Sorting and Organizing

Transitional Care Coordination

Care Management

Special Parkinson’s and movement disorder care program & more

Rating: 5 out of 5.

“Thoughtful in their approach”

This was my first time seeking out elderly care. I reached out to In-Home Caregivers of Illinois to provide in home care for my 80 year old aunt who has mobility problems, and my 93 year old uncle who is blind with dementia. They helped to really assess what was needed from a care perspective, were thorough and thoughtful in their approach to fully understand the type of care needed. Quickly we had a caregiver who my aunt and uncle adore- she is kind, caring, provides all of the necessary help with day to day food and medical needs. She is patient and kind, and truly enjoys caring for elderly people. We have piece of mind that they are both safe and well cared for. I’d highly recommend this organization.

Linda B

A Word From Our President

I want to thank you for trusting me with the care of your loved one, especially at this time that the entire country and the world are challenged with the COVID-19 pandemic. It is a good time for us to share what we have been working hard on to ensure that you stay well, stay even safer, and continue to get the necessary care you deserve.

First, our corporate values remain the same:







Second, we have upgraded our universal precautions and our service delivery protocols. Here are the things that we have done; in our office, we have gotten rid of any magazines, boxes, and decorations. We clean the office and common areas twice a day using the CDC recommendations, and we also provide hand sanitizer and masks to anyone entering our office.

Our staff has been given up-to-date training on the strategies to reduce the spread of COVID-19, and here are the things we are doing new and different to ensure your safety and your wellness:

Our staff members will check their temperature each day and report any symptoms or fever to our office. If the staff has a temperature of 100 degrees or more or has upper respiratory symptoms, that staff member will not return to work until he/she is medically cleared. 

Our staff members will wear masks when they are in your home and will practice extra hand washing when providing care and social distancing when needed. 

When possible, our staff members will bring clean uniforms in a garment bag and change into clean clothes before providing care.

Our staff will use the disinfectant spray as recommended by the CDC on all door handles and surfaces in your home.  

If going to a medical appointment, our staff will wear face a mask.

Third, we have a promise to our clients that they will never go without care unless they choose to. Here are the things we are doing to ensure continuity of care:

You can still and always will be the one who directs your care. We will provide care according to your request within the guidelines of the CDC and your health care team, if applicable.

You can change your schedule and we will support you within our capabilities as well as the state and labor guidelines.

If the caregiver is ill, you will decide how and if care will be provided. We have created a backup staffing system for sick days and time off requests associated with this health challenge.

We have added a la carte services to make sure that all your needs are met, from walking a pet to picking up food/medicines and supplies to a telephone nurse coaching.

Join our team of professional caregivers

In-Home Caregivers of Illinois

We Service the Following Counties:

Available 24/7
Phone: (630) 300-0446